In 1902, Henry Lilan, an outstanding mechanic and entrepreneur, founded Cadillac with extraordinary courage and insight. The name of the new company is in honor of Detroit founder Anthony Mens Cadillac. In fact, the coat of arms in Cadillac family history is the inspiration of the brand logo. Just six years after the establishment of the company, Cadillac has laid a solid foundation for the mass production of modern automobiles with its precision built completely replaceable parts. Cadillac became the first American car company to win the Royal Motor Club Dewar award. Afterwards, Cadillac deserved the reputation of "world standard".

On the occasion of the centenary of the brand, Cadillac has achieved its past promise with extraordinary achievements and opened up the boundless boundaries of design and technology. At the beginning of this decade, inspired by the F-22 stealth fighter, it launched the award-winning Cien concept car. Then in 2008, the Cadillac Escalade hybrid was launched, the world's first full-size luxury hybrid SUV. In the same year, Cadillac won global praise with its second generation CTS car, which also won the 2008 "car of the year" award. In 2009, Cadillac CTS-V, the world's fastest V8 mass-produced car, set the fastest single lap record of 7:59.32 on the legendary German New Berlin circuit. Subsequently, it released the convertj concept car, which is known as "electric Cadillac", a luxury car driven by the revolutionary voltec electric propulsion technology. President Obama's historic inauguration opened a new chapter of Cadillac as the president's car, and Cadillac also reached another brilliant summit.

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