Another shocking work of Lamborghini car authorization: the customized version of Pro Lamborghini of No.9 go kart officially released
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The official brand authorized representative of robot 9 in Asia with Lamborghini, a professional automobile brand licensing company, Enzo e Partners Limited Under the formal cooperation, the customized version of Pro Lamborghini of No.9 go kart was officially unveiled in the public's eyes. Our company has spared no effort to assist the IP licensing service of this project, and has achieved good social and high-end electronic sector's unanimous praise!

At the same time, it also enhanced the international image of each brand.

The pro Lamborghini customized version of No. 9 go kart Pro Lamborghini adopts the exclusive color of Lamborghini, and the metal logo of Lamborghini is printed on the body; the effective load of steel frame is up to 100kg, bringing better protection performance; the body is retractable, with 4-gear length adjustable, the steering wheel height can also be adjusted, and the frame can be folded to facilitate transportation.

With the increasing awareness of domestic brands, not only the traditional manufacturing industry, but also some gifts, restaurants, hotels, real estate, large theme parks, are eager to improve the visibility of products and enterprises through cooperation with international famous brands, among which the world-famous automobile brand is one of the best choices. Our company has been deeply engaged in the field of professional automobile brand authorization.

Mr. Enzo Wang Zilong, chairman and general manager of the company, has been focusing on the automobile brand licensing industry for 20 years. In 2012, he founded AnSol Hong Kong Limited with offices in Hong Kong / Shenzhen / Guangzhou / Ningbo / Japan / Korea and Europe. The company is committed to in-depth cooperation with toys, household goods and clothing accessories, electronic and digital peripheral industries, and has developed a series of exquisite automobile brand cooperation products, such as alloy car and remote control car model, children's electric car, clothing bags, mobile phone accessories and the nine go kart Pro Lamborghini auto customized version. We provide products and technical support to famous enterprises including victor. Our products and services are all over the world, adding convenience and fun to the daily life of adults and children all over the world. Enzo e Partners Limited is looking forward to the enterprise cooperation and development of people with lofty ideals to automobile culture.

Under the background of "mass entrepreneurship and innovation", ansu Hong Kong Co., Ltd., adhering to Lamborghini's strong international brand appeal, will effectively help traditional enterprises plug into the wings of international brands, enhance the added value of products, vigorously explore domestic and overseas markets, and realize win-win cooperation.