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The first global licensing exhibition hosted by UBM China, "LICENSING EXPO CHINA 2017" was grandly opened on July 18 at the Shanghai National Exhibition Center. It is reported that the Global Licensing Expo has been successfully held in Las Vegas (Licensing Expo Las Vegas), London (Brand Licensing Europe in London) and Tokyo, Japan (Licensing Expo Japan).

There are more than 250 popular IP exhibitors at home and abroad in this exhibition, from film, cartoon, animation, sports and other fields.

Among them, the biggest highlight is Ansu Hong Kong Co., Ltd. as the official authorized representative of the world's top car brands in Asia such as Lamborghini, Bentley, Bugatti, Audi, and Porsche. The unique booth design, the fantastic car track as the walkway, and the square and round decorations, the silhouette of the car is faintly presented in front of the audience.

As an important part of this exhibition, the "Authorization Seminar" provides a high-quality platform for communication between the licensing industry and between the industry and the audience. Mr. Wang Zilong, founder and managing director of Ansu Hong Kong Co., Ltd., as a special guest of the organizer, attended the licensing seminar with the theme of "Lifestyle Brand IP Licensing in China", together with many audiences and guests Shared the experience and opinions on the derivatives of automobile brands and daily necessities.

With the increasing awareness of domestic brands, not only traditional manufacturing industries, but even some restaurants, hotels, real estate, and large theme parks are eager to increase the visibility of products and enterprises through cooperation with internationally renowned brands. Among them are world-renowned automobile brands. One of the best choices.

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